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English Topic – The advantages and disadvantages of club

Let’s see our topic today.

 The advantages and disadvantages of club.

Many young people find themselves in much stress after a busy week and they decide to attend night clubs so as to release themselves from the stress. Due to this, night clubs in one way or the other becomes a stress releasing tool for most young people and that becomes a great advantage.
Night clubs can either be used by the family members to celebrate an event or have fun with father, mother and children. What an awesome thought but list. Most people go to the night clubs with the aim of cerebrating well but when they enter in the all they just find themselves imitating what others are doing regardless of whether it is wrong or bad. You will hear others say that its life, lets enjoy what kind of a talk it thus really? You went to a night club with a positive mind but when you get there and see or hear what others are saying or doing you change your mind and intention of being there. Most night club would use a nationwide security company to provide doormen.
For instance if you follow the negative thought of night clubs people or friend this will now end up bringing up violence. Remember that excessive drinking may lead to intoxication which cab in turn lead you in acting violently. Excessive drinking in night clubs is one of the most dangerous things you should do. It makes you see other people like beast. And do you know what? Is this a good thing? Definitely it isn’t. Be wise and minimize drinking in night club parties. Practice self-control and you will enjoy yourself while having night club parties. Practice peace and love to your friends while celebrating and you will not encounter any complication or accident that may occur from fighting dues to excessive drinking.

Question for discussing:

1/ Do you often go to any club? What are those club?
2/ Do you think that going to club is good or not? Why (Why not)?
3/How many English club that you’ve been before? What do you think about those English club?
4/ Name some advantages and disadvantages of going to club in general and English club in particular?
5/ Do you think English club is interesting and useful? Are you looking forward to going to English club every day?
6/What is the responsibility of participants /pɑ:’tisipənt/ who come to club and English club ?
7/ If going to English is very useful, what will you do to maintain this routine ?


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